Friday, March 4, 2011

Mobile Transactions holds its first Award ceremony

The Mobile Transactions offices were buzzing with a lot of excitement because the CEO Mike Quinn had just announced that we had been crowned best Mobile Start up in Africa and that he was throwing a party to celebrate.

The celebration kicked off at 3:00 Pm and every one from the Zambian office showed up in full celebration mood. What they did not know was that Management had secretly planned to combine this timely event with its own Mobile Transactions Award ceremony.

The ceremony according to Mike was to award the most deserving employees and encourage them to work hard and reach Excellency. Two awards were handed out as follows:

The first award was ‘Employee of the year 2010’ which was scooped by Teddy sampa, who serves as the Deputy Agent manager, His role in agent management is integral as he operationalises service to agents, champion agents and money transfer customers. He also contributes to the continuous improvement of agent management systems and process and delivers agent training. Teddy has been with the organisation since February 2009, and since then he has given his all to the job.In his speech Teddy thanked Management for this important recognition.

‘’ I am very humbled to have received this award, It is ecause management believes in me and has given me a lot of opportunities to explore my capabilities.’’ Said Teddy.

The second award was ’Champion of the year 2010’’ which Michael Kapili Sakala received.

Michael has managed to set up four champion stores all by himself, he has been known to take a lot of initiative in running his business. He dedicated his award to fellow champion Agent Tresphold Mwango and the Customer Care department.

Mike Quinn declared the Mobile Transactions award ceremony as an annual event where deserving employees would be awarded for their hard work.

‘’We provide exciting opportunities for our employees to gain experience in an emerging industry and if you emulate Teddy and Michael, you will be rewarded.’’ Mike Quinn. CEO, Mobile Transactions.

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