Monday, February 28, 2011

Challenges of Customer Care

Hi my name is Tasira Nkhata; I am the lady behind the Customer care line. I have been working for Mobile Transactions since May 2010.

My role at Mobile Transactions is an interesting one; I am the lady who makes sure I put a smile on everyone’s face. Especially the agents and Customers, this is not always easy. So I take Graham’s advice (Graham is the Agent Manager) which is speak to a customer with a smile on your face and they will know you are smiling when talking to them and I think it has helped a lot.

I can’t say that I always make my customers happy because I always can’t do everything they ask of me. A practical example is when they ask me to give them the four digit PIN code which is meant to be a secret between the Sender and the Receiver. I in turn request that they get the PIN from the Sender and if the sender has forgotten the PIN they need to get back to the Agent. This makes the Sender very unhappy because they think I can see everything. What the customers do not understand is that the PIN code is a security PIN number which secures their money and therefore I have no way to view it.

The other challenge is that of the ‘Send to Bank’, a feature that allows Agents and customers to send money to any bank of their choice directly from their Zoona Kwacha Account. Agents want to come here and kill me when their Send to Bank is processed a minute or a second late. I believe the Accounts department gets sick and tired of my emails!

I believe I have the best job in the company reason being I speak to so many people that I have never met and they relate to me quite well. It was not like this in the beginning, the Agents were very unfriendly to me. This was one of the biggest challenges I faced as the new customer Care lady, it was requested of me to memorise every Agent’s name and numbers.

Customers overlook the importance of the 4 digit pin that they enter when doing a transaction I believe that all the Agents should educate the Customers on PIN security. The Marketing department has had posters made on the importance of the PIN.

The Agent network I believe has improved greatly from the time I came to date, Agents are now sending SMS to order the branding and Books, they also use SMS to give us feedback on our service.

With the fast growing rate of the agent network it is a sure bet we will be doing more transactions in weeks to come!

My last words are I would love to see everyone take time and walk to the customer care table and answer one or two calls or make a call to an Agent. We all need to show our Agents love!

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