Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoona Kwacha is born

The Evolution of the first ever Mobile Transactions champion store on Cairo road Lusaka. On the far left, sales generators hand out flyers at the then white Cairo shop, center GBF's Sara Tylor strikes a pose at our ever so popular Cairo store. Below, Agent manager Graham Lettner (right) talks to store owner, Champion Agent Tresphold Mwango(Left)

The branding and re-branding processes would not go as smoothly without the full backing and support of our CEO Mike Quinn, seen here applying the first coat at our second shop along Cairo road,Lusaka. The result can be seen on the far right.

Katondo champion, on the left and center, works in progress and the final product at the bottom left.

Kitwe and Ndola champions are different from all our other champions as they are made of glass, see before and after pictures.

Zoona Kwacha is a combination of two words, Zoona meaning true or real and Kwacha meaning morning and the currency of Zambia. We combined these two words to come up with the word Zoona Kwacha which when translated in English means the ''The real Kwacha.'' To us the real Kwacha explains what we do which is to make people see the real value of their Kwacha when they transact with us.

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