Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mobile Transactions hits Two

Last week Mobile Transactions turned two years old after doing our first money transfer on April 1, 2009. Since then, we have achieved the following:

· -142,333 money transfers worth 41.7 Billion Kwacha; I remember at one point starring at the customer care computer screen, waiting for Money transfer number 100 in a single day, and when we hit it, we jumped for joy.

· -Over 300,000 e-vouchers worth over $6 million with transactions across 30 districts with the World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organisation, and Conservation Farming Unit.

· -10 Champion agents and 120 regular cash agents, the first Agent to ever be set up was Nato investments in Mazabuka, it was set up on the 29th of March 2009 by our IT Support & Business Intelligence Manager Binoy George, Also Known As ‘employee number 3,’ and then Human resource manager Joseph Gondwe, we went on to set up 129 more.

· -24 staff across two offices, we are diverse team that is passionate about connecting the unbanked to financial services and driven to succeed

· -Best Mobile Start-Up in Africa,

· -$1.7 million of Dunavant cotton farmer payments

· -$500,000 in unbanked microfinance loan disbursements paid out through our agents

· -$1.5 million in banked payments

· -Successful launch of our supplier payments product with two milling companies and a dozen retail agents

There are many more achievements and I could go on and on. As we explore Thanks to everyone for their hard work and commitment to date, and join me in wishing Mobile Transactions a very belated Happy Birthday!!!

Memory Chirwa,

Brand Manager