Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Get Stupid! - Investment Celebration Party South Africa.

Let me start this off by quoting Brett: “Never, in all my years of being in this business, did I ever think Id witness something like that”.

Those sentiments are shared. By just about everyone I would think.

I witnessed some astounding feats last night, who knew ZOONA employees were so talented with an invisible ball?? Grahams invisible card pack not withstanding!

It such a great feeling knowing that you work with people you can just get stupid with!
From Lelemba and Thulasy’s Adele WINNING idols audition, to how Leshain “rolls” to Brett the IT gangsta, last night was just a bag of fun and then some.

Getting to see everyone in their element and just out of their work shells was priceless. One actually realises that outside work we are completely different people and that there are some lasting friendships to be built within Zoona.

To me personally, interacting with everyone on such a social, non-professional platform was awesome. One realises how much you actually have in common with the people you work with, which in turn, makes for a better working relationship.

I mean, did you ever thing you would see something like this?

I didn't think so......

This little piece just serves to say thank you to everyone who made last night possible!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to socialise with and get to know each other better. For allowing us to just get stupid and have enough fun to motivate us for a long time coming!

This post was written by Jade September, on the Payment Processing team in Cape Town

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