Monday, January 17, 2011

Truly Innovative

Last week Mobile Transactions Zambia announced a partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and Microfinance Opportunities to explore how financial education training can increase uptake of mobile-based financial services while helping tens of thousands better manage their money.

After thorough market research, Mobile Transactions (MT) will test a strategy to increase usage of its consumer products through financial education. Taking learnings from prototype testing, MT will launch a pilot financial education program that will empower consumers through financial education, improve consumer product delivery and connect more consumers to MT products.

This is Mobile Transactions taking the leading-edge approach. There are three reasons why MT will continue to innovate and win in the consumer space;

Size – Mobile Transactions, compared to its telecom and banking competitors, are much smaller and more nimble. We have no layers of bureaucracy to cut through to get things done. Our development staff skype with our people on the ground, feeding back directly on products.

Speed – Mobile Transactions is faster. We do not wait for ‘Corporate’ to make decisions (which may not meet the needs of the market in Zambia.) We do not fight through layers of approval. We can develop a product quickly without queue-ing behind five other country offices.

People – Mobile Transactions staff are different. We don’t wear suits and ties. We don’t drive fancy cars. Managers have lived in the village and understand our customers better. We are passionate about connecting the unbanked to financial services and driven to succeed.

As we look forward to 2011, the consumer team is excited about our partnership with MasterCard and Microfinance Opportunities. It is the next step in the continual innovation of Mobile Transactions’ consumer offerings.

Dave Vosburg

Manager, Consumer Channels

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