Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MaKwacha Champion Agents on the Copperbelt!

Hi everyone,

My name is Teddy Sampa, I am the Deputy Agent Manager for Mobile Transactions.

Last week we toured Kitwe and Ndola to see how the Makwacha Champion Agent network is coming up. Makwacha Champion Agents are men and women who have been contacted by Mobile Transactions to run franchised shops called Champion Agent Shops. At the moment Mobile Transactions

has eight Champion agent shops; two on the Copperbelt, one in Livingstone, two in Eastern Province, two in Lusaka and one in Mongu.

I would say we were very pleased to see the way branding is coming up for both Makwacha Champion Agent shops. My prayer is that once the shops are fully branded we will see more people sending money through the Makwacha Champion Agents in Ndola and Kitwe. At the moment both shops pay out more money than they send out.

In the picture, left to right is the Agent Manager Graham Lettener, followed by Sandra Jere and Sarah Lungu in Kitwe Champion Agent shop. Below is a picture for Ndola Champion Agent shop.

We are expecting to do the first Loan disbursement for Harmos in Kitwe probably the 1st week of October 2010. And Kitwe being a big town, we are looking at having the same number of Loan disbursements for Kitwe as in Lusaka as time goes on.

A daily cash recon tool in excel format has been introduced to both Makwacha Champion Agents. This will help Sandra a Makwacha Champion Agent in Kitwe and Katongo a Makwacha Champion Agent in Ndola to reconcile their cash and electronic credit at the end of each business day. The same tool will be used to reconcile cash and electronic credit after Harmos Loan disbursements. And to make it even better Mobile Transactions Accounts have an Online statement, so using both our online statement and daily cash recon tool will even make life easier for cash recons. Therefore, I would say that, we are confident enough that all cash and electronic credit will be handled properly even if large sums of money will be handled during loan disbursements for Harmos.

Both Champion Agents have signed a new contract with Mobile Transactions to run the Champion Agent Shops as franchise business for Mobile Transactions. This week two more Champion Agents within Lusaka will be signing their new contracts as well.

I do believe that in a few months from now we are going to make a huge difference in the way payments are made on the Copperbelt just as we are making a difference in Lusaka. Its high time Copperbelt began making electronic payments to its esteemed customers and clients, and Mobile Transactions is the IDEAL SYSTEM to use.

Have a great week!

Teddy Sampa

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