Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mobile Transactions pays Dunavant casual workers!

Here's an update from our Champion Agent in the East, Michael Sakala:

Mobile Transactions has been proved the fastest way of getting paid by casual workers for Dunavant in Katete.

This follows the payment made to them on the 18/08/2010 of which the actual payment reflecting on Dunavant calendar is 21/08/2010; however they started receiving liquid cash today as early as 9:50hrs, as we waited for correcting of numbers which were mixed up yesterday.

So far eighteen (18) have been paid out of twenty six (26) meaning we only have eight (8) people remaining to clear the entire group. Nothing so far has been a limiting factor and I’m proud to announce that I didn’t withdraw anything from Dunavant office to get this done as it was funded by high amounts of sending customers, what a coincidence.

There is no panic from casual workers when it comes to withdrawing cash as they are coming at their own pace, otherwise I would have finished them all today but it looks like some are working all day.

I’m happy to see some casual workers demonstrating confidence in our MaKwacha accounts, to cite examples Teddy Lubinda and Ryan Lungu, they only withdrew part of their pay leaving the larger portion for savings, this signifies realized value for holding a MaKwacha account.

What is so exciting is that the oil plant is not seasonal, hence we have this relationship with casual workers from the oil department as an ongoing thing unless Dunavant stops producing oil which is almost impossible. There is no need to persuade managers again to do this for the next payment, this has now been set.

I’m looking forward to see how we can expand the areas of our operations in Dunavant or rather identify another department of the same kind where we can come in as Mobile Transactions.

Thanks to everyone who is putting a hand to see this successful, am highly indebted and humbled for your works.



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